Data protection

By submitting research proposals under the KCE Trials programme, each candidate sponsor acknowledges and accepts that all personal data provided by it in connection with the research proposals, including all personal data relating to any of its proposed research team members or research collaborators (for which, to the extent required, the candidate sponsor shall obtain their consent), can be processed by KCE and its employees, representatives, agents and consultants in accordance with the below. These personal data may include, but shall not be limited to, personal data such as name and address. The purposes of this processing are for KCE (i) to be able to take informed decisions and actions under the KCE Trials programme and (ii) to notify any candidate sponsor on upcoming research projects under the Trials programme.

By submitting research proposals under the Trials programme, each candidate investigators and sponsor acknowledges and accepts that said personal data can be transferred to third parties which KCE relies on for the provision of certain services related to the purposes mentioned above (including any third parties who may be performing quality audits of candidate sponsors and/or any of its research collaborators) and to any other funding organisations outside KCE, also outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Subject to the data transparency principles set out below, KCE will not disclose said personal data to any other third parties, except if KCE has received the express written consent to do so or if KCE is otherwise legally authorised to do so.

KCE confirms that said personal data shall be processed proportionally within the purposes set out above and shall not be retained longer than necessary for the above mentioned use.

At all times, the relevant data subjects whose personal data are processed shall have the right to (i) object to any further processing of said personal data upon request and free of charge and (ii) to access said personal data which is processed by KCE and, where appropriate, to have any incorrect personal data corrected.

Data transparency

By submitting research proposals under the Trials programme, each candidate sponsor acknowledges and accepts that its name, the name of the key members of its research team and the name of its research collaborators may appear on KCE’s website.

In addition, once a research contract is signed and funding is released to a candidate sponsor, the candidate sponsor acknowledges and agrees that the names set forth above may appear in other literature and that the content of the research contract and protocol may be shared with third parties and will be available on the KCE website.

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